In Cuba posters are to design, as the rumba is to music

Our country has a strong poster tradition, which dates back to the origins of the profession, and continues to this day. This is possibly one of the most widespread design genres on the island and a cultural expression present in public spaces, galleries, museum halls and also in the personal interior decoration of lovers of graphics and culture in general. These are collectable objects and constitute an international symbol of Cuban graphic art; in many places beyond our borders we are known for our posters. Voluminous collections such as those of OSPAAL or ICAIC, the latter born together with this cultural institution and constantly growing, testify to this fact.

At Arnulfográfico Estudio we are interested in continuing this tradition and contributing to national graphic growth. Our graphic work is inspired by maestros such as Conrado W. Massaguer, Alfredo Rostgaard, Félix Beltrán, Eladio Rivadulla, René Azcuy, Raúl Martínez, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs and many others who marked their time and left a deep and enduring imprint on Cuban graphic imagination.